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OpenElect Voting Central Scan (OVCS)


OpenElect OVCS
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Unisyn presents the OVCS and miniOVCS high-performance ballot scanners. The OVCS is our tabletop high-speed bulk scanner and the miniOVCS is our desktop model, perfect for smaller jurisdictions. Both are designed to scan early, absentee, provisional, and Election Day ballots as well as recount ballots at the central operation center. They each are connected to and controlled by an OCS PC/laptop to scan data from marked ballots via the OVCS application. 

The OVCS is Designed for Speed and Security 

  •  Double-feed Detection Ultrasonic Technology ensures that every ballot is properly counted.

  • Large Capacity Feeder can hold up to 500 ballots and can scan 75+ ballots per minute with the flexibility to read 11 -19 inch ballots. 

  • The Intuitive Software Application is easy to use. It provides access to the scanner’s settings and the batch scanning status. 

  • 60K/Day Duty Cycle, this rugged workhorse is capable of 60K scans per day with minimal down time. 

 Features of the OVCS: 

  • Scans double-sided ballots in a single pass for fast and accurate ballot reads 

  • High speed processing of ballots, capable of scanning 75+ ballots per minute 

  • Captures and stores full ballot images, extracts write-in images from ballots and presents consolidated reports for each contest 

  • Uploads results directly to the OpenElect Central Suite (OCS) Tabulator 

  • High levels of physical security and encryption 

  • Transparent system which supports auditing 

  • Accommodates Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) 

  • Provides a permanent record of voter choices 

OpenElect's Mini OVCS
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OpenElect’s miniOVCS is Designed for Optimum Productivity 

The miniOVCS is perfect for smaller jurisdictions and small batch ballot scanning and processing. The miniOVCS is lightweight, sturdy, and compact. It requires minimal training and is easy to operate. 

The miniOVCS scans double-sided ballots in a single pass and uploads results to the OpenElect Central Suite (OCS) Tabulator. 

 Features of the mini OVCS: 

  • Ballot Feeder can hold up to 20 ballots per scanning batch and can scan 50+ pages per minute. It can scan ballots from 11 to 19 inches in length. 

  • Control Panel is intuitive and simple to operate. 

  • Output Tray holds scanned ballots in an orderly fashion until the batch has been completely scanned. 

  • Is a portable scan voting unit designed to tabulate early, absentee, Election Day and provisional ballots, as well as recount ballots, efficiently and economically 

  • Provides single pass scanning for fast and accurate ballot reads with a minimal footprint 

  • Capable of scanning 50+ ballot pages per minute 

  • Easy to setup and use, with minimal downtime 

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