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OpenElect Central Suite (OCS)


 The OpenElect Central Suite (OCS) is a Linux and Java based suite of software applications that seamlessly work together as a single database to define and configure an election. 

OpenElect OCS

Designed for Accuracy and Auditability 

The OCS is a complete election management software suite that provides jurisdictions with the tools to define, conduct and audit an election. The user-friendly graphical interface was designed with familiar interface conventions and the consistent screen formats across the suite make each application easy to learn and use. The OCS system accesses data from the Tabulator Database to generate the necessary Unofficial and Official Reports. OpenElect Central Suite is a true single database solution for your election needs. 

Designed to be Efficient and Easy to Use 

  • Supports state-specific voting variations such as Rotation and Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) 

  • Comprehensive reporting in aggregate as well as meticulous detail 

  • Integrates systematic processes to aid in Ballot Layout through Results Reporting 

Features of the OCS’s Continuously Updated Master Database:

Ballot Layout Manager (BLM) 

  • Creates, checks, translates, and produces the ballot styles needed by a jurisdiction for an election. 

  • Creates and stores precinct and district information in a database. 


Election Manager (EM) 

  • Allows the jurisdiction to add voting device-specific options. 

  • Produces the election media containing encrypted, compressed files that are loaded onto the voting devices. 



  • Performs a Risk Limiting Audit for an election in order to statistically ensure accuracy. 

  • Enables electronic remaking of unreadable ballots 

Tabulator Client (TC) 

  • Retrieves, decrypts, and transfers the vote files from the transport media to the Tabulator. 



  • Receives and validates uploaded voting data and provides a status of the uploaded files. 

  • Uses the Tabulator database to store results from all precincts. 


Tabulator Reports (TR) 

  • Assesses data from the Tabulator Database to generate the necessary Unofficial and Official Reports. 

  • The vote files maintain both an administrative audit trail and a voter audit trail that provide the capability to retrieve ballot images. 

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