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OpenElect FreedomVote Scan (FVS)


OpenElect FVS
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The OpenElect Voting System’s in-precinct ballot marking device, the FreedomVote Tablet (FVT), and ballot scanner, the FreedomVote Scan (FVS), are protected by a multi-tiered security policy that encompasses software, hardware, and voting procedures on the systems. 

The in-precinct units are physically locked and secured to the ballot box. Tamper-evident seals are placed on the ballot box and FVS and FVT to ensure security. All-access doors to the units themselves are protected via physically locked doors. The system runs an optimized and hardened Linux operating system,  which verifies the software components and election data at multiple points throughout the day. 

  • Privacy Panels protect the voter’s privacy while casting their ballot. 

  • Ten-inch Touchscreen Display provides the voter with easy-to-read and clear instructions on casting their ballot. 

  • Guided Paper Path and Double Feed Detect ensure that full page and ADA ballots are entered straight into the scanner, preventing double feed errors. 

  • Thermal Printer ensures continuous printing of receipts and reports, eliminating the need to replace ink during an election. 

  • Locking Wheels provide a safe and secure platform during voting. 

  • Articulating Wheels allow for easy multi-directional movement of both the scanner and ballot box. 

  • Locking FVS Case protects the FVS from damage and allows for easy and secure storage.  

  • Ballot Box safely stores tabulated ballots during Election Day in the removable interior bin. 

  • Emergency Bin securely stores untabulated ballots at vote centers and polling locations.

Easy to Store Ballot Box


The ballot box can be collapsed for easy storage.  All parts of the ballot box are contained within the collapsed units. No pieces to lose or misplace.

Transportable, Mobile Vote Scanner


The FVS is locked on the collapsed ballot box creating a dolly system for easy and seamless transportation to and from polling locations. 

OpenElect Vote Scanner


Simply unfold the ballot box and slide the FVS in place on top of the ballot box. Move it into place, turn it on and open voting. The FVS and ballot box are secured by locks and security seals.

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