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Open Elect FreedomVote Tablet (FVT)


OpenElect FVT
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  • Voter checks in and receives a barcode from the pollbook to initialize their ballot.

  • They vote via personal ADA device, touchscreen, or keypad.

  • They receive a printed ballot to insert into a FVS to cast their vote.

The FVT was Designed with the Voting Experience in Mind 

  • The FVT is a self-contained voting device that is lightweight, compact, easy to setup, and close down in both polling locations and vote centers. 

  • The enhanced interface is intuitive, easy to use, and suitable for users of all ages and skill levels. 

  • The barcode initialization technology and touchscreen navigation make the poll worker and voter’s election experience simple and stress-free. 

  • It offers a zoom-in ballot and multi-lingual audio functionality allowing voters to prepare ballots independently and privately. 

  • It allows voters to review and correct their ballots before printing. 

  • It reduces the cost and time needed to make pre-printed ballots by printing a paper ballot with just the push of a button. 

 Designed for Usability and Efficiency 

  • Tablet has a 13.3 inch touchscreen and comes with pre-installed software that provides an easy-to-read user interface for voting and maintenance use. 

  • Printer is an 82.5 mm thermal receipt printer that is connected to the FVT’s tablet to print BMD ballots and reports.

  • Barcode Reader is a 2D USB barcode reader that will read the 2D barcodes produced by the OpenElect’s Election Manager application, such as the initialization barcode and Election and Maintenance barcodes. It will also read the ‘Populate’ barcode produced by other qualified systems. 

The FVT can facilitate special needs voters through a variety of optional methods, including sip and puff support, keypad functionality, and audio assistance for the visually impaired. 

  • A Sip and Puff can be installed by inserting the devices jack in the Binary port on the keypad. 

  • A Headset jack can be inserted directly into the tablet to provide an audio ballot and Help instructions to visually impaired voters. 

  • The Keypad provides a means for voters to navigate the ballot and make their selections. It also provides volume and tempo controls for the audio ballot. 

FVT is ADA Compliant 

The FVT complies with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) with the addition of the optional FVT keypad, headphone and a sip-n-puff device. It incorporates a Screen Reader Mode for individuals that communicate in Screen Reader Mode every day. 

The New FVT-B 

Unisyn offers the FVT with an internal backup battery system that can supply over two hours of Election Day use in the event of a power outage or for curbside voting.

Unisyn provides counties with the opportunity to choose the options they need to create a voting machine that is right for their voting community. 

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